Jammy Monkey

User Status

If you begin to feel that you can no longer gamble safely and need to stop, we have a self-exclusion facility to help you with this. If you choose to start the self-exclusion process, your JammyMonkey account will be locked for a period of time chosen by you.

Self-exclusion is a longer break from gambling. The minimum period for a self-exclusion is 6 months and maximum 5 years. The request to re-open your account will not be granted before the selected self-exclusion period terminates and an additional 24-hour cool-off period will be applied before you can log in and gamble again. In order to re-open your account after the end of your chosen self-exclusion period, please contact our Customer Support. Please note that we will not notify you when the self-exclusion ends. Self-exclusion will apply to all websites operated by us.

To self-exclude from all online gambling companies licensed in Great Britain go to www.gamstop.co.uk.